Beach Bum

Hey! My name's Mei-ly , you pronounce it May - lee ! I love Hello Kitty , but I hate the beach . Well not the beach in general , I just don't like the sun >.> I hate sun burn . And that's usually what I get when I got to the beach ! O.O Sucks I know ! I love One Direction <3 Especially Zayn Malik . I think he is the sexiest man alive <3 But that 's just my opinion ! I love tumblr , and I have like three other blogs apart from this one , and I use ALL OF THEM . I play Soccer for the YMCA , not currently though because the season is over for Summer , it starts up again in August ! So excited ! I'm 14 years old by the way ! And i'm Cuban <3 And yes that mean's I speak Spanish ! Message me if you got any questions ! And please follow me (: I alway's follow back no matter what you're blog is about <3
And remeber you're beautiful <3

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